Public Safety Security Organization

Tired of security companies and safety staff not knowing what they are doing?

Tired of having untrained or ineffective staff assigned to your location?

Are costs associated with maintaining operations too high or unreasonable?

Unable to find suitable in house staff?


Unlike other companies PSSO offers expert Fire life safety directors and other regulation manager's who are validated, directed, and trained by other seasoned Fire life safety directors and manager's all of whom are skilled at identifying risks and maintaining adherence to legal regulations and company policies.


PSSO also offers training and consulting options designed to train and perfect your in house staff


How it works:

We contact you or you contact us

We set up a meeting date to inspect your building location or operation and identify possible risks

We Make suggestions and develop solutions using our team

We Draft a contract

Negotiate the price

Then perform the job appropriately


We know your issues so let us solve them for you. we take your safety seriously so give us a call today

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